Engage the Zoom

Liven up your virtual meetings and workshops with fun and purpose. Use improvisation activities to create connection and build intimacy with your clients and teams.



What You’ll Learn

Experience creative activities for small and large groups. Practice giving instructions, interacting with zoom features and debrief the learning with confidence. Create more moments that prioritize relationships and bring more laughter and honesty into your remote conversations.

Creative Connecting

People want to have fun, they just may not know it in the moment. Experience engaging and purposeful improv experiences you can bring back to your sessions. Deepen connection and build trust as people share what matters.

Facilitate the Experience

Increase your skill at introducing experiential learning that gets people moving and laughing. An engaged group makes learning and listening that much easier. Practice giving clear instructions and creating a safe environment.

Go Beyond Icebreakers

Engage people in a way that reinforces your meeting theme or workshop purpose. Identify the emotional journey of your learning experience and integrate activities that compliment the agenda flow and your outcomes.

Create Memorable Learning

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Engage the Zoom

$225 CAD

2-Hour Workshop

  • Experiential Facilitation Tips
  • Detailed Activity Descriptors

Host Your Own Team

Tailored for You

2-Hour Workshop

  • Host up to 30 people
  • Your date & time
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”In the time that we're in right now,  where we are always having to do these zoom calls. The way that Elaine facilitates makes it feel like you're actually in the same room.”



”One of the things I find most enjoyable and helpful is how Elaine uses humour to both create safety and as a tool to open cracks into deeper insight and powerful reframes. Ultimately, she demands gold of herself and also of her clients. I cannot recommend her enough.”

Jessica Fraser, Principal & Founder
Section 2 Productions


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