The Experience Architect

Design your experience with purpose. Whether it's a meeting or a workshop, get clear on the impact you want to create. Connect people and ideas to deliver a memorable experience. The good kind.



What You’ll Learn

Explore the foundation of adult learning, design outcomes with purpose, and make the link between the what and the how of your meeting or workshop. Uncover strategies, and dare I say it, the courage, to build experiences that inspire people towards new ideas that impact your organizations and communities.

Know your Purpose

There are generally two extremes; unclear purpose and a loose agenda, or so much content you've sacrificed the space for connection. Increase your skill to identify outcomes and shape an agenda with purpose. Never again be the person who's event could have been an email.

Clarify Content & Process

Whether you're virtual or (hopefully) soon to be in person, it's important to identify what you want people to learn or explore and how they process that information. Thoughtfully design experiences that encourage critical thinking and apply learning into valuable action.

Keys to Adult Learning

Being an adult and designing for adults are two very different things. Examine how to plan for diverse learning styles and validate the experience people bring to the conversation. Uncover the fine balance between creating a psychologically safe, yet challenging learning environment.

A Taste of What to Expect

Learn How to Create Connection & Results

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The Experience Architect

$250 CAD

2.5-hour workshop

  • Event Design Template
  • Purpose Planning Guide

Host Your Own Team

Tailored for You

2.5-hour workshop

  • Host up to 30 people
  • Your date & time
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More Leadership Workshops

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2-hour workshop

Engage the Zoom

Liven up your virtual meetings and workshops with fun and purpose. Use improvisation activities to create connection and intimacy with your clients and teams.

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3-hour workshop

Storytelling with Purpose

The most compelling leaders know how to tell a story that connects emotionally and inspires people to act. Know your purpose and increase your skill for empathy and impact.

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3-hour workshop

Productive Conflict

What's the conversation you're choosing not to have? Explore your empathy muscle and prepare thoughtfully for conflict. Identify how you get in your own way and prioritize solutions over being right.

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”Elaine has been integral to the success of our WestJet Leadership program that has reached over 900 leaders - from team lead to C-suite - and counting! From the start of our partnership, her talent to understand culture, people and deliverables was evident.”



”We hired Elaine to design a core group of leadership workshops for our organization, catering the program content to a diverse range of leaders. Known for her practical approach, sense of humour and respect for the knowledge in the room - the programs, and Elaine consistently get rave reviews.”

KELLY BREITHAUPT, Associate Director
Banff Centre


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