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Create a collaborative learning community. Support people who lead town halls, client presentations, or internal training. Front and centre, they model what leadership looks like for your culture. Help them take the next leap towards their greatness, and yours.



Tailor your Experience

I’ve delivered custom facilitation programs for Shopify, WestJet, Rogers Communications, lululemon athletica, Canopy Growth, the Banff Centre and many more.

Shape leaders &
create impact

This course isn’t just about facilitation. It’s about accepting and giving powerful feedback, leading with confidence and learning to influence outcomes.
Let’s work together to create a dynamic tailored experience for your people. 


  1. Select a diverse group of leaders across the business or identify a team with high visibility and expectations
  2. Customize the timing, evaluation and cadence of the learning to the company needs
  3. We'll choose content from the company library for participants to practice and deliver
  4. Explore the option for additional modules on communicating your company culture, values and purpose
Create a community of leaders who embrace learning, support one another with honesty and work as a team to provide feedback that rarely gets spoken aloud. We tailor the experience to where your people at in their journey. Participants embrace a growth mindset and challenge themselves in a way that will accelerate their learning and their leadership.
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Facilitation Strengths Assessment

The art of facilitation and leadership requires an ability to draw on a combination of skills in the moment. Not sure if your people can benefit from this program? Have them check out our Facilitation Strengths workbook to identify their skills and gaps.

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The Experience

We'll co-create a tailored experience based on your organization's learning content and outcomes. I will guide an intimate cohort of leaders and facilitators through the learning in an interactive experience that can be virtual or in-person.
The learning experience includes a range of facilitation and communication concepts, practice, feedback, and homework to prepare support application of skills.  We can add or amplify key content based on your organization's goals.

Module 1:
Set the Stage

They'll assess skills, connect with their cohort, and get clear on goals for the learning journey. We'll examine the foundations of adult learning, designing engaging experiences, and create an environment that values the genius in the space.

Module 2:
Lead with Presence

Uncover and choose the message they communicate with their physical presence and energy. We'll explore the importance of breath and emotional management. Then they'll receive feedback on stories that evoke emotion and impact.

Module 3:
Create the Learning

Participants will co-facilitate selected company content with a peer, receive feedback and practice the art of guiding instead of telling. They'll apply new skills in a low risk zone and build their ability to manage group dynamics.

Module 4:
Psychological Safety & Bias

With Elaine and co-facilitator Meriko Kubota we'll examine how personal experiences and bias informs the way we support others. Our goal is to enable a more inclusive learning environment that recognizes and welcomes intersectionality and diversity.

Module 5:
Anticipate & Improvise

Participants will learn to manage the critic in their head and embrace a more flexible approach to leading groups. We'll examine different learner personas,, how to manage resistance, and the fear of the unknown. We'll also practice the art of the debrief with newfound curiosity. 

Module 6:
The Genius is in the Room

Showtime! Your people facilitate solo and apply their refined skills and confidence. They'll lean into strengths and try out new moves. It's just the beginning for this learning community who have supported one another's growth over the weeks.

Bring the Program to your Company

Tailored Experience

12 - 20 participants

  • Customized¬†cadence & timing
  • Integrated company content
  • Articles, resources and¬†tools

Let's Customize Your Experience


Grow the Genius

Give your leaders and facilitators a chance to build a learning community known for straight talk, practiced imperfection and learning leaps. Reach out to explore availability for your tailored Facilitation Genius experience.

Elaine is loved by these companies, and more:

”Elaine supported our in-house designers, leaders and facilitators in developing their craft, through thoughtful design feedback, coaching, and an incredible Facilitation program to provide leaders with the skills they need to excel. Bringing Elaine into Shopify has raised the quality of leadership development exponentially, and she’s a rockstar.”



”The way that Elaine introduces all the different aspects of facilitation is really meaningful. Not only does she provide directives, but she makes you experience it, so you understand all the different aspects themselves and then you'll workshop each part of powerful facilitation.”

Kevin Starke, Director of retail
Canopy Growth


Ready to Increase the Genius?

The origin of the word facilitation means "the act of making something easier". We want that for your people as they lead results, develop teams, support clients and the overall success of your company. 

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For larger groups with shorter time commitments, or as a compliment to your Facilitation Genius Program. Host an engaging workshop that connects your people and increases their knowledge. Don't miss out! Sign up to be notified about availability.

2.5-hour workshop

The Experience Architect

Create a kick-ass learning experience. Explore the foundation of adult learning, design outcomes with purpose and make the link between the what and the how of your meeting or workshop.

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Engage the Zoom

Liven up your virtual meetings and workshops with fun and purpose. Use improvisation activities to create connection and intimacy with your clients and teams.

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3-hour workshop

Storytelling with Purpose

The most compelling leaders know how to tell a story that connects emotionally and inspires people to act. Know your purpose and increase your skill for empathy and impact.

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