Meet the Collaborators

Britta B. / Co-facilitator

My name is Britta B., I am a poet, teaching artist and mentor living in Toronto with my husband and pooch named Toby. I’m known for bringing a magnetic and vulnerable presence as a spoken word performer and leader in my work with Prologue Performing Arts, Poetry In Voice, the Toronto Arts Council Leaders Lab, and school boards across Ontario. I’m also a Creative Writing MFA candidate at University of Guelph.

As a facilitator of groups, I am a watchful motivator. One of my gifts is my capacity to empower folks to work beyond comfort zones and exercise new perspectives. I create interactive learning environments that demonstrate growth mindsets and resiliency. I prioritize inclusive conversations that connect communities through non-judgemental frameworks and brave spaces. I enjoy meeting new people, hearing new ideas and working through any challenge that surprises what we think we know.

I’m Co-Facilitating Module Four of Facilitation Genius, where we’ll explore Psychological Safety and our Bias as facilitators (and human beings).