Productive Conflict

What's the conversation you're choosing not to have? Conflict is a part of our day to day existence as emotions and assumptions take the lead when we're not paying attention. Identify how you get in your own way and prioritize solutions over being right.



What You’ll Learn

Engage your empathy muscle, turn off your auto-pilot and prepare thoughtfully for potential conflict. Increase your ability to separate the people from the problem and create space for learning, both yours and theirs. 

Emotions on Conflict

Emotional Intelligence, the ability to be self-aware and manage yourself is an integral skill to becoming an expert at navigating conflict. Reflect on your triggers and values so you consciously navigate your internal barriers to productive conflict outcomes. 

Your Conflict Personality

On a scale of one - to - ten, how satisfied are you with how you handle conflict situations? Some of us dive right in with the solution as a driver, and others step back to better understand what is at stake. How does your approach impact your relationships and desired results?

Empathy Perspective

Practice using an empathy tool to create more awareness for the other story within the conflict. Increase your ability to communicate the issue, the impact, the emotions and the desired next steps. This helps you to be more curious and open to uncovering new bridges towards solutions.

Here’s What to Expect

with Empathy

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Productive Conflict

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3-Hour Workshop

  • Conflict at a Glance Tool
  • Productive Conversations Guide

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3-Hour Workshop

  • Host up to 30 people
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”Elaine and I explored a difficult discussion and decision point I was having with another individual. She gracefully pulled the right threads to help us both understand where the challenge was and what I wanted to see from resolution. Through Elaine, I had a richer understanding and framework for my tough discussion. And yes, it did go well!”



”Elaine has what seems like an intrinsic ability to understand the complexity of people and situations. That ability shows up on an interpersonal level and in the design of her programs. I feel that working with Elaine allowed me to explore nuances within my areas for growth and more effectively develop in ways that serve me in work and life.”

Shea Waldron, VP Client Success


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