Storytelling with Purpose

The most compelling leaders know how to tell a story that connects emotionally and inspires people to act. Experience a structure that helps people care about what you share. We may be born storytellers, but that doesn't mean we're good ones. 



What You’ll Learn

Know your purpose and increase your skill for empathy and impact. In this three hour workshop, explore how your leadership story can deepen relationships, communicate culture and inspire others. You'll uncover the difference between talking about an event and inviting people into a thoughtfully crafted story that feels authentic to you and them.

Story Structure

Storytelling, like poetry, has a structure that enables you to create memorable moments. What qualities do you want to bring to your stories? Explore how to strike a balance between emotion, information, and action that will engage your audience in a memorable way.

The Emotional Journey

People want to feel connected. As you tell your story, create space for each person to envision themselves in your words. Practice how to pause, use the five senses, and change your pace to invite people into your world, and you into theirs.

Connect to the Audience

What do you want your audience walking away doing, saying, or feeling differently? Expand your personal storytelling tool-box and consider the messages you lead with. Explore the neuroscience behind your storytelling skill and recognize why vulnerability and practice are key.

Here’s What to Expect

Get Ready to Share your Story

Sign up to be notified about our next date! This interactive session will increase your storytelling skill so that you thoughtfully engage people towards action with their hearts and minds.

Storytelling with Purpose

$295 CAD

3-Hour Workshop

  • Storytelling Tip Sheet
  • Story Toolbox Guide

Host Your Own Team

Tailored for You

3-Hour Workshop

  • Host up to 30 people
  • Your date & time
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”Elaine is many powerful things. As an instructor, Elaine is a master storyteller, skilled in both using and teaching storytelling skills and techniques that help leaders move people. As a facilitator, her 'eye opener' activities infuse a group with energy and insight at the same time. I regularly and whole heartedly recommend Elaine.”



”Elaine’s techniques to help us with our voice, storytelling, and with fear were incredibly effective as she employed a range of practices to unleash my underlying intention and the emotion needed to connect with the audience I want to reach. I now have an effective approach to conveying the messages that are important to achieve my group’s goals.”



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