Self-care isn’t Reliable

Mar 25, 2021

Art by: Anna Kövecses

Burn-out isn’t an end result.
Let’s help ourselves when we’re on fire.

A friend of mine recently shared a story where her husband took a drive to a nearby town, unbeknownst to her. A short trip to a fairly unexciting location for errands. When he innocently mentioned it in passing a few days later, she had a visceral reaction that surprised them both.


Warning Signals

While there has been a focus on self-care this past year, there is value in developing our skill of collective care. Strengthening our social and relational skills to support the people in our life without them having to request it.



Micro Behaviour Shifts

Here are a few behaviours that may be considered counter-culture within fast-paced execution-focused environments. Frequently, we’re being asked to do more with less, our energy is depleted, and our emotional bank account is in overdraft. The idea of leading through collective care may be scary when you feel like you can’t prioritize yourself.

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